Dory Boatworks is mobile. We come to you to work on any boat- whether it is in a marina, boatyard or backyard. We are fully licensed and insured. Dory Boatworks will support you in any marine repair needs.

Dory Boatworks offers the following services:
  • structural / cosmetic fiberglass repair
  • Varnishing/ cetol  of any exterior wooden surfaces
  • Paint application for hull topsides, deck non-skid, and cabin
  • local gel coat repair and gel coat matching
  • sailboat rigging , standing rigging, chain plate fabrication
  • carpentry/ fabrication of custom wooden parts, structures, teak trim
If you have any project in mind, please call us!

At Dory Boatworks, our application and design process is flexible, yet we never compromise the quality of the matierials we use. We will glady strive to be meet your needs while ahearing to your budget. We pride ourselves in our ability to be creative, accomodating and convenient for all boat owners.

More about our services at Dory Boatworks:

  • We can match gelcoat to 97% or closer than the original color.
  • For a repair or restoration project, we can apply any finish- sprayed, rolled, or brushed.
  • We use always use the freshest materials and resin. We ensure that all mateirals are stored properly, kept dry, and uncontaminated.
  • We can use any resin system available. This means that we can do a repair in polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, or any variation of the three.
  • We are in contact with direct distributors of imported/ domestic woods. Not only do we work with teak, we also implement the use of many other woods including okume, iroko, sapele, ipe, wenge and mohogany.
  • These woods, some identical to teak in appearance, can be used as a cost saving measure towards implementing your woodworking project.